About Us

Nostalgia was established on 02/12/2015. It was authorized by KRG to provide training courses and translate official documents. It soon expanded due to successful business plan set by its founder Ghareeb Salih. In 2017, it changed into an educational Institute – offering courses related to Languages and Human Development. It started with an employee and a qualified trainer but, it has four employees now and eight highly experienced and specialist instructors now.


Trained thousands oftrainees to various courses

More than 600 postgraduate students for IELTS and 75% of them were successful IELTS in the first trail.

Concluded training contracts with to train employees ofSulaimany Governorate, Lafarge Company and HiwaHospital and currently working with University of Human Development and UniversityofSulaimany to provide them ISO9001: 2015Quality Management System


Our Mission

To train, evaluate, certificate, provide sustainability and dynamic and comprehensive curriculum as well as excellent environment for training and improve the organizational structures, reliabilities, and performances of the customers being served.


Our Vision

To become the most distinguished institute by setting principles of excellence in contemporary course design, teaching and professional improvement.


Our Objectives

– Provide satisfactory, suitable, and practical services.
– Inspect our study programmes and attempt to find more effective educational programmes.
– Form a strong performance-driven learning atmosphere which makes knowledge acquisition priorities for everyone and which promotes high quality didactic training and participation by all.
– Evaluate and monitor the existing employees on a regular basis.
– Give training courses to the staff to elevate their performances.
– Make improvement in the current placement test to avoid inaccuracy.
– Organize and manage students’ records to be accessed with ease.
– Remodel the classrooms and renovate their equipment.


Our policy

We enact to present high quality foreign language courses for students in preparation for their personal or professional purposes by means of intensive study programmes carried out by qualified tutors in an intellectual environment in which professional progress is encouraged, treasured and pursued.


Our Scope

Providing proficient language training courses