Nostalgia Institute Authorized British Council Test and Registration Center

IELTS Test and Registration Center

The largest IELTS Test and Registration Centre in Kurdistan region – Iraq, which is located at Knowledge University. The centre is a definition of a comprehensive registration process designed to make your IELTS experience as smooth as possible.

Some key features of our centre:

  1. Convenient Location: the IELTS test and registration centre’s location is easily accessible for test takers from all over the region, which is located on Kirkuk Road making it easier for the citizens of Kirkuk who had previously had to visit other cities to conduct the test because there is no other centre inside the city.
  2. Spacious Facilities: Our centre is equipped with 40 ample seating arrangements, comfortable waiting areas and modern testing rooms to ensure a conducive environment for test takers.
  3. Experienced Staff: Our team of experienced administrators and invigilators are dedicated to provide excellent service and support throughout your IELTS journey.
  4. Examination: The tests of this centre are completely recognized and dependable, not only in Kurdistan Region and Iraq, but also globally.
  5. Test day: All parts of the test is conducted on the same day for the sake of test takers.
  6. Types of the test: two types of the IELTS test are provided in our centre such as IELTS, and IELTS UKVI. For the first time in Iraq the IELTS UKVI exam is held on a computer.
  7. Registration service: Registration and payment for the test can be done at the centre itself. Therefore, the students are not required to visit the bank.
  8. The results of the test with the return of the certificate will be available only in 3 to 5 working days.
  9. The centre is located in the University of Knowledge campus in Erbil, where 75% of the campus is covered in greenery. This provides a suitable environment to welcome exam-taking students.

For Registration:

Email Tel: +964(0)7511502502 – +964(0)7711502502