Nostalgia Institute Inaugurates Largest IELTS Registration and Testing Center

In a significant boost to educational infrastructure, Nostalgia Institute unveiled the largest IELTS registration and testing center in the region today, in a ceremony attended by prominent educational and governmental leaders. The opening event was graced by Dr. Alan Hama Saeed, Minister of Education, along with representatives from the British Council Mr. Ben Lawton, Country Director Iraq, and Mr. Hasan Hussein, Exams Business Development Manager Mena North, and the Nostalgia Institute Mr. Gharib Salih, General Manager and Mr. Hast Haval, Administrative Manager, Dashti Haji Najmalddin, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Knowledge University, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Anwar Dzeyi, President of Knowledge University.

The ceremony commenced with a welcoming speech, setting the tone for a day of celebratory addresses and mutual commendations. Dr. Alan Hama Saeed highlighted the center’s crucial role in enhancing the educational landscape and extended his gratitude towards Nostalgia Institute for spearheading this pivotal initiative.

In their speeches, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Anwar Dzeyi and representatives from the British Council and the Nostalgia Institute, namely Ben Lawton and Mr. Gharib Salih, discussed the expected impacts of the new facility, which promises to broaden access to international education standards and testing. A symbolic exchange of shields of honor between Knowledge University, the British Council, and the Nostalgia Institute marked a formal gesture of collaboration and mutual respect among the institutions.

The event concluded with the official opening and a tour of the new facilities located on the campus of Knowledge University, setting a precedent for future educational collaborations and initiatives in the region. This new center is poised to become a hub for students and professionals seeking international accreditation and opportunities.