IELTS Life Skills A1 Preparation Course

For the purpose of obtaining Spouse Visa to the UK for the people who are married and their partner lives in the UK, Nostalgia Institutions provides IELTS Life Skills A1 preparation course.

The Course Features

 The participants will be classified into two parts based on their English level:

1- The participants who have met the requirements of having A1 level in English language for IELTS Life Skills course can enroll in the course instantly. Throughout the course, they will be familiarized with the required techniques, all the sections and subjects of the exam including listening and speaking for IELTS Life Skills exam and develop their skills in order to facilitate the exam for the participants.

2- Those participants who are below A1 level have to enroll in an English course. Afterwards, they can join IELTS Life Skills preparation course.

Course details:

IELTS  Life Skills Speaking:

In this section, the participant will be familiarized with the required speaking techniques that are necessary for answering the questions during the exam.

IELTS Life Skills Listening:

Familiarizing participants with different parts of listening skills and the requirements for answering the questions.

Course duration and cost:

  • The course price is (200$).
  • The course will last for two months, three days a week, two hours per class.