Preparation course for IELTS test in Nostalgia Institute. To fulfill your dreams and achieve your desired score join our IELTS preparation course. If you are an undergraduate student or university graduate and you are planning to achieve either Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PHD degree abroad or inside your county, or if you are planning to become […]


Our General English courses offered at six levels, help students reach their full potential by combining the most effective in current methodology with new features designed to make teaching and learning easier. We focus on the four key language skills – Listening, speaking, reading, and writing – with equal attention to vocabulary and grammar. We […]


Nostalgia offers a six-level course that aims at improving learners’ academic skills. The target learners are those who desire to enhance their English language skills to succeed in university coursework or professional workplaces. Learning outcomes are clarified in detail after being enrolled in an appropriate course level based on the students’ language proficiency. The course […]


We provide individuals and companies with a career-focused course that helps developing skills needed to tackle business-style language and situations. Our business English course, offered at five levels, contains a wide range of authentic resource materials that reflect the business world’s latest trends. Nonetheless, companies can request a course that is explicitly designed to suit […]

IELTS Life Skills A1 Preparation Course

For the purpose of obtaining Spouse Visa to the UK for the people who are married and their partner lives in the UK, Nostalgia Institutions provides IELTS Life Skills A1 preparation course. The Course Features  The participants will be classified into two parts based on their English level: 1- The participants who have met the […]


Each student has to do placement test to determine his/her level. Each level takes 50 to 60 hours. The course is taught in the form of two hours lectures in per day and there will be three days in each week. The cost of each course is different, for example,  for starter $200 and Elementary $250 Including […]


ISO 9001:2015 is known as quality management system, throughout this system, the organization, or  people who intend to build their own business will be familiarized with identifying name, international local regulation, sustainable business performance, risk based thinking ( types of risks linked to your business) with effective plans. Furthermore, during this course you will be […]

Children Summer School

Nostalgia’s Summer School Program teaches English and essential social skills to young learners between the ages of 7 to 16 years which lasts for approximately 2 months. While we focus on the four key language skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing – with equal attention to vocabulary and grammar, the lessons highlight the importance […]